Stryker hip implant lawsuit

Stryker hip implant lawsuit

Due to the inherent defects of Trident, rejuvenate, and AGBII System, Orthopedics Stryker hip implant lawsuits in recent years and faced a growing number of mass tort actions. Long before 2008, the first major Hip Replacement Recall, patients prematurely loose, immobility, and implant failure were reporting - like many other painful symptoms, with:

·         Bone chipping

·          Fractures

·         Tissue damage

·         Chronic Pain

Because of your defective Stryker hip implants have suffered pain or injury; through the Stryker hip implant lawsuit, you may be entitled to compensation. During your surgery, ask your surgeon to receive special hip implant system. The Trident, rejuvenate, or ABGII model, it is recalled and to recover the compensation you deserve a Stryker hip implant lawsuit should consult with us about.


Stryker revision surgery to replace a defective hip implants undergoing revision surgery can be difficult and painful. An ABGII adjustable system designed to rejuvenate and further complicates revision surgery. Personally hip implants are confirmed for the unique needs of your body, replacement surgery often involves a long recovery process, and did you in your new hip implant cannot provide you with a level of flexibility. Stryker their own interests above were put into product safety and quality, all of these problems could have been avoided. Instead, the negligence of such patients will face physical and financial burden Stryker. This is not acceptable.


Why the Stryker Hips Implant Lawsuit abuse?

The Stryker hip implant lawsuit, you your rights and secure compensation can stand:

·         Cost  Revision surgery

·         Any income you lost during your recovery period

·         Pain and experience suffering because the defective Stryker hip implants

Stryker Hip Recall our experienced attorneys at Levin Papantonio you personally accountable for damages striker holds and releasing them in the future subpar medical equipment that makes think twice about an effective hip implant lawsuit advance can help. By holding negligent companies we are only responsible for the safety and microscopic examination of these complex medical devices can encourage promoting the protocol.

You are not alone. Suffer from hip implant failure thousands of people were implanted into patients’ bodies which they to adequately test their products prior did not care enough are filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer. People simply will not get you the compensation you deserve your state to continue to hurt Lawsuit.

Standing up against a manufacturer that a file is to limit the amount of time, but it may prevent others from suffering in the future. Help others and help yourself. As soon as you suspect your metal-on-metal hip implant lawyers Thomas Anapol and Melissa Hague immediately contact the hip implant is failing. They have experience with medical device mass tort litigation and to help you during this difficult time. If your state, call or fill out the form to the right before it’s too late; if you limit the amount of time to file a lawsuit. A dialogue is free and only takes a moment.

Hip Replacement Recall

Hip replacement Recall

The latest in a rash of problems with hip implant Stryker ABG II modular femoral hip stems again and the young striker Orthopedics’ hip replacement recall. After hundreds of reports of adverse events, the company eventually these hip replacement components that pose the risk of corrosion at the modular neck junction admitted. The company further with this pain and inflammation appear in local tissue reactions that may be admitted. Brian Devine, a global manufacturer of hip implants, former Assistant General Counsel, stryker’s hip replacement recall victims to represent orthopaedic using his years of experience within the industry. After receiving hundreds of complaints about the product, Stryker Orthopedics Finally, Rejuvenate and ABG II Modular Hip Replacement missed. It’s a shockingly high rate of failure stemmed hip replacement, and many of the victims of these failures remove and replace the defective hip one another, have had to undergo painful surgery.

More Information About Stryker Hip Implant Lawsuit

In the past two years, Stryker ABG II stems to rejuvenate and number of reports of adverse events associated with increased sharply. For example, in 2010 alone, the FDA associated with the re young or ABG II stem had received at least 60 adverse events. By the end of 2011, had risen to more than 130 the number of adverse events reported to FDA. And only the first half of 2012, that number has already reached nearly 300.


Rejuvenate and ABG II in other countries to stem the failures have also been climbing. For example, in 2011 the Australian National Joint Registry 164 ABG II Modular stems implanted in Australia reported that 10 had already failed. An ABG II Modular hip stem was implanted by 8.1% in the first year after the Australian registry just calculated failure rate.


Faulty implants and that it is failing at an exceptionally high rate despite growing evidence that, stryker ABG II hip stems to rejuvenate and continued to sell both. But by 2012, the striker is no longer Rejuvenate and ABG II hip stems, and both of these products was forced to issue a global recall hide problems with.


Claims Hip Replacement Recall

Stryker hip recall was a replacemet We represent people across the country. Stryker’s hip replacement recall you or a loved one are a victim of a lawsuit against the manufacturer of you may be entitled to recover damages.

Our experience hip replacement recall

We represent companies comes from years of orthopedic hip implants that a unique depth of knowledge about the claims. In the last fifteen years, we have handled thousands of claims hip replacement. Brian Devine, SULZER Medica, a global manufacturer of hip and knee implants used to be an executive Seeger Salvas LLP is one of the founding partners. As the Assistant General Counsel, Brian firm’s product liability cases worldwide was responsible for all. In December 2000, the company suddenly several thousand hip and knee implants had to remember, Brian was responsible for managing litigation resulting avalanche. He said that almost every state in the country in individual cases are managed and guided thousands of lawyers. Sulzer Medica’s hip replacement recall that the $ 1 billion in compensation for victims of a nationwide class action settlement which provided a leading role in the negotiations.

Brian is now injured hip replacement recall products, which uses his experience to help the victims. A bone disease while working for the company he obtained his legal and medical knowledge combined with the unique perspective makes him a formidable foe. Brian’s skills as a lawyer proves to be the best of its consequences. In the past few years alone, they have a wide variety of clients have recovered more than $ 20000000. He has scored five victories in excess of $ 1 million, and his biggest win a $ 3.7 million settlement on behalf of a single client.